Community Outreach

“We're still high over the wonderful concert that [The Outreach Singers] performed on Saturday at [our retirement community]. I get teary when I think of many of those songs and what they mean/meant to that generation. I could not sing some of them I was so choked up. It was a really moving experience, and the [residents] are still talking about it. Thank you so much for what you did to make all those people feel so very cherished and so happy. You made music in their souls.” –Attendee at a recent Outreach Singers performance

The Washington Chorus recognizes that not all patrons in the community are able to attend TWC’s concerts at traditional venues, and that those who are may need special assistance. In response, TWC has created a series of community programs that bring the joy of choral music to all.

A subset of the main chorus, the Outreach Singers present free concerts to those in the community who are unable to attend performances in the traditional concert setting. Click for more information

Another way TWC deepens engagement with its audience is through Inside the Score, a pre-concert education program open to the public at no cost. TWC provides attendees with a glimpse into the musicological and historical background of the chosen repertoire, as well as his interpretative choices. Designed to enhance appreciation for the music presented at concerts, Inside the Score features a sneak musical preview as members of the chorus perform specific excerpts of the featured works.

The Washington Chorus firmly believes that its music should be financially accessible to all of its constituents. Accordingly, every TWC performance has tickets which are priced under $20.

By performing at the Kennedy Center and the Music Center at Strathmore, TWC concerts are accessible to persons with disabilities. These facilities provide assistive listening devices, large print and Braille programs, as well as handicap parking, accessible restrooms, and elevators.

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